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Digital transformation - time to meet new challenges

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A digital society needs digital administration.

LCSI supports public sector clients in creating their digital strategies and in implementing the digital transformation. Together with our clients, we design digital value chains and implement them using innovative technologies and scalable architectures. With agile process models and a focus on the customer requirements, we ensure that digital processes become the backbone of an agile organisation geared towards the future.


Strategy is an action-oriented response to the challenges of change and a roadmap to a balanced matrix of business goals.
Hardly any term embodies the close connection between the business world and technology like that of microservices, or component services.
The dynamics of change in times of digitisation represent the real challenge for the management of an organisation.
Our themes
Faced with one of the major challenges of the century, the organisation must reinvent itself to meet the demands of a digital society.
Passion for
the bottom line
Change is not achieved passively.
Our aspiration
Modern thinking, acting agile, fulfilling commitments - if you want to implement change successfully, you have to anticipate the future and have the courage to make decisions.
Our promise
To create substantial and sustainable added value for our customers and ourselves as a society through digital transformation.
Our values
In a society shaped by change, constant values are needed. Professionalism and reliability are our core values, and we stand by them.

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Where to start is decided by the customer perspective.

State of Lower Saxony: online services

The state of Lower Saxony summarises measures for the implementation of digitisation across all administrative levels in the “Digitisation Master Plan”.

State of Brandenburg: platform for e-collaboration

Improving the possibilities for electronic collaboration has become one of the most important tasks in the introduction of electronic record keeping.

State of Lower Saxony: electronic file management

In addition to the implementation of online services, the introduction of electronic file management and case processing always represents a core digitisation project of the public administration.

State of Brandenburg: electronic invoice processing

As in hardly any other area of corporate IT, the processes of procurement and especially invoice processing are subject to constant rationalisation and automation.

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