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State of Lower Saxony: online services


State of Lower Saxony: online services

Initial situation

The state of Lower Saxony summarises measures for the implementation of digitisation across all administrative levels in the “Digitisation Master Plan”. The basis for this is the “Digital Administration and Justice” action plan adopted by the state government on 18/09/2018. A total of 16 individual projects have been launched which implement the measures of the action plan and thus achieve the goals of digital administration.
One of the central core projects of the programme is the expansion of online services. This individual project essentially serves to implement the Online Access Act (OZG) for all online services identified in the OZG.

The approach

In accordance with the cross-state OZG cooperation strategy, the implementation of online services can take place through the re-use of a service provided by another Land (EfA principle) or through self-implementation. In order to clarify the form of implementation, the respective online services are basically checked for their availability as EfA services, and then the technical and financial basis for the decision to re-use or to implement on one’s own is worked out. Due to the scope of the programme, the enormous number of online services, and the know-how required for processing, the state has relied on the support of LCSI.

The services

Managing the implementation of the OZG’s online services requires extensive knowledge and experience – from general e-government know-how, standards, technologies and public administration architectures to the service design of different operating scenarios. The interdisciplinary LCSI consulting team provides the necessary competencies and supports the ministries and the state authorities in implementing the OZG in the areas of education, research and funding.

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