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State of Lower Saxony: electronic file management


State of Lower Saxony: electronic file management

Initial situation

In addition to the implementation of online services, the introduction of electronic file management and case processing always represents a core digitisation project of the public administration. Only the two projects together form the totality of digitisation and thus require an interlocking of concepts, architectures, and technologies. To ensure this, the state of Lower Saxony has combined all measures for the implementation of digitisation in a master plan for digitisation across all administrative levels. The basis for this is the “Digital Administration and Justice” action plan adopted by the state government on 18 September 2018. A total of 16 individual projects have been launched which implement the measures of the action plan and thus achieve the goals of digital administration.

The approach

The introduction of electronic record-keeping and case processing is always a multi-faceted project in which organisational, technological, and operational aspects must be combined. Especially in the scale of a country, numerous mostly historically grown variants of file management and record-keeping must be unified through the most consistent standardisation possible. For this purpose, a state standard was developed in the project, which forms the basis of the rollouts currently taking place in the state authorities.

The services

Similar to the implementation of online services, the introduction of the e-file requires extensive knowledge and experience – from general know-how of document management, standards, technologies, and architectures of public administration to process modelling and optimisation. The LCSI consulting team provides the required competences and advises the ministries comprehensively and competently as well as the state authorities on the introduction of the e-file.

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