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The simplest questions are the most difficult

Strategy is an action-oriented response to the challenges of change and a roadmap to a balanced matrix of business goals. But the breakthrough speed of digital transformation is throwing this balanced scorecard out of balance and challenging every organisation to readjust it. Driven by the ever-increasing expectations of the digital society, the goals and their interactions must be reviewed at increasingly frequent intervals. The focus here is on the balancing act between the constantly changing user requirements, data protection and IT security.

Technological change has a strongly disruptive character. Its influence begins with the creation of value and extends through the design of business processes to fundamentally change working and communication behaviour. Currently, managing change means, above all, shaping digitisation. This includes a critical evaluation of one’s own goals and tasks as well as the redesign of business processes.

The basis of our strategic work are the technology screening and research activities of the technology practice, which integrates a large number of our own assessments with the results of our technology partners and the results of ongoing projects.

On this basis, we provide the following services, among others:

Digitisation of
value chains
and processes
Strategies and
concepts for the
use of cloud
Evaluation of
products and
decisions and

Where to start is decided by the customer perspective.

User Stories

State of Lower Saxony: online services

The state of Lower Saxony summarises measures for the implementation of digitisation across all administrative levels in the “Digitisation Master Plan”.

State of Brandenburg: platform for e-collaboration

Improving the possibilities for electronic collaboration has become one of the most important tasks in the introduction of electronic record keeping.

State of Lower Saxony: electronic file management

In addition to the implementation of online services, the introduction of electronic file management and case processing always represents a core digitisation project of the public administration.

State of Brandenburg: electronic invoice processing

As in hardly any other area of corporate IT, the processes of procurement and especially invoice processing are subject to constant rationalisation and automation.

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