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Hardly any area of public life is as interesting from the point of view of digitisation as the world of universities. Committed to research, many of them are themselves actively involved in the development of digitisation technologies and are home to digital labs and start-ups. They recognised the potential of digitisation in the learning process at an early stage and now use digital technologies in teaching on a large scale. The combination of research and teaching creates a creative environment that generates potential for new innovations.

However, digitisation in IT is also associated with hurdles. IT security of an open environment represents an ever-increasing cost factor, as does the standardised regular operation of a highly available data centre according to ITIL. The standardisation and post-utilisation requirements of the laws are often a novelty for the organisations that used to operate independently and are often involved in transnational cooperation.

LCSI supports universities and colleges in the development of the digitisation strategy and the introduction of campus management and document management systems as well as in the implementation of online services within the framework of the “Onlinezugangsgesetz”.

Where to start is decided by the customer perspective.

User Stories

State of Brandenburg: platform for e-collaboration

Improving the possibilities for electronic collaboration has become one of the most important tasks in the introduction of electronic record keeping.

State of Brandenburg: electronic invoice processing

As in hardly any other area of corporate IT, the processes of procurement and especially invoice processing are subject to constant rationalisation and automation.

State of Lower Saxony: online services

The state of Lower Saxony summarises measures for the implementation of digitisation across all administrative levels in the “Digitisation Master Plan”.

State of Lower Saxony: electronic file management

In addition to the implementation of online services, the introduction of electronic file management and case processing always represents a core digitisation project of the public administration.

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