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State of Brandenburg: platform for e-collaboration


State of Brandenburg: platform for e-Collaboration

Initial situation

Improving the possibilities for electronic collaboration has become one of the most important tasks in the introduction of electronic record keeping. Due to the changes in the world of work, collaborative working methods for document creation and processing have become indispensable in companies and administrations. Modern organisational concepts and digitisation strategies take this fact into account and define digital collaboration as an integral part of digitisation alongside electronic record keeping and case processing.

The approach

The strategy for the introduction of electronic files in the state of Brandenburg, which was defined with foresight in the mid-2000s, meant that e-collaboration was included as a component of the introduction concept from the outset. The overall concept of electronic file management and case processing, known as EL.DOK, was to cover the required functionalities for electronic cooperation, including an electronic project file, with the EL.ZA module. In the introduction phase, which began in 2018, the state relied on LCSI’s support in the conceptual design, development coordination and project management of EL.ZA as part of the overall EL.DOK BB concept.

The result

The productive start-up of EL.ZA as a cross-departmental client for promoting cooperation between the authorities of the immediate state administration took place in 2020. The system forms part of the overall EL.DOK BB system and successfully serves 56 authorities of the state administration in the first step.

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The state of Lower Saxony summarises measures for the implementation of digitisation across all administrative levels in the “Digitisation Master Plan”.

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